Who we are

One Million Claps is a specialized communication agency based in Switzerland.
We offer experiential communication solutions: One Million Claps develops mind-blowing brand and corporate experiences using offline and online digital tools requiring innovation in the technology and the creativity.

One Million Claps is a team of innovation thought-leaders, marketing and communications strategists, geeks, writers, graphic designers, passionate artists who master the creation of state-of-the-art concepts and the delivery of iconic projects and experiences.

What we do

An ad gives you the promise made by the brand, whereas a brand experience gives you the proof of that promise !

Our expertise

One Million Claps promotes your brand through tailor made Out of Home interactive experiences. It is a real life invitation to engage your customers with your brand. We use uncommon digital tools in unexpected places: a pop up shop, a store, a museum or a school.

We develop a multi– sensory brand experience to be incorporated in your next event, exhibition, corporate party, image or brand campaign, retail shop, etc.

We create the experience and communicate it, before during and after, through a holistic campaign.

Why put the experience at the heart of your communication?

By putting the experience at the heart of your communication you involve:

Your consumers and get close to them, share the same universe, strengthen emotional connections, generate a feeling and create a real anchor between your consumers and your brand, foster trust and intensify shallow forms of brand attraction to reach Love Brand, induce purchase intention.

Experiential communication is the response to rethink conventional communications models.
An upward trend in communication!

to plan your next brand experience


how to launch your brand experience

Setting your communications objectives

  • Analyzing your needs and your communications objectives
  • Positioning and Communication strategy
  • Communications strategy’s approval

Finding the experiencial concept

Defining the channels, mediums and tools: offline and online

Launching and managing the production

Managing the implementation

Amplyfing the experience through other communication tools and channels: microsite, apps, social media...

Analyzing the data and adjusting

Defining the best practices

One Million Claps is a member of the new Private International Alliance for Communications Technology Exchange and represents the Swiss market .

Cre8mania is the member leading the MENA and Gulf region . The alliance is looking for new partners to join . If you are an agency working in the communication field and interested in joining forces with other agencies while remaining totally independent please email us at alliances@onemillionclaps.com