Amplified experiences

One Million Claps communicates your brand using a holistic approach. We create a concept that is initially developed with the requirements of the latest communication trends. We do not just adapt the concept to the other communication material needed. We start with this end in mind. Our added value is that we start planning from the start.

If you are launching a product or an event, we develop all the needed communication tools to promote it prior to the launching or event, during the launching or event, and post launching.


With over 1 billion websites worldwide and 200 million active among them, you do not just need a designer or a programmer to develop your new website. You need an experienced team that will work on your website with a holistic marketing approach to highlight in every possible way (design, content, interactivity...) your unique selling proposition.

One Million Claps will offer your website the right positioning and make sure to increase your visibility.

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*brand microsite *corporate website *ecommerce platform *blogging website *community building website

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The mobile applications field is one of the biggest industries nowadays.

Based on Statista in 2021 we will have 352.9 billion applications downloads. Yet the success rate of an application remains low.
One Million Claps experience in the field allows you to develop the right mobile applications. Our team will help you in every phase of your application’s life.

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In today’s times, games technology is changing the face of communication not only in the commercial sector but also in e-learning.

Our experience in creating the right interactivity between the player and the game can turn your game into the most influential form of communication.

Gamification can be used for learning (schools, universities, corporate teams) or entertainment purposes, to foster interactivity and connectivity with the clients and increase the conversion rate and ROI.

Games could have a multi-platform use: website, apps, pop-up kiosks, 360 projection...

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Social media

Nowadays you cannot communicate your brand or experience without going through the social networks. One Million Claps can anticipate content marketing trends as well as the change in audience behaviour and provides you with the right strategy for your social media campaign.

The social world changes at a very fast pace. One Million Claps offers you a very pro-active approach to keep adjusting your social media presence to the constant change of your consumers' behaviour. We have a very ethical approach to content marketing and respect the overall transparency need of your consumers. We create everything you need for your content in terms of videos, blog posts, images and GIFs.

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Experience Branding tools

One Million Claps offers you full branding services: logo design and corporate identity, promotional brochures, banners, roll ups, press ads, etc.

Our added value is to turn traditional communication tools into non-traditional tools: it takes lots of experiences to make a millennium remember a logo and a real challenge to make him or her watch an ad.

Over the years we have mastered the art of design and today we are capable of offering communication tools that stand out of the crowd!

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