Emerging technologies

for your next brand experience or corporate event

The power of 360
projections experiences

360 projections offer your customers a fully memorable and immersive experience.

Marketers and brand managers can choose one or several themes tailored to their target audience.

We develop a creative concept adapted to your marketing and sales objectives.

We design unique animations that will make your customers jump in your brand universe from the first seconds.

360 projections can be used for commercial, artistic or educational purposes. The themes and interactions can be developed accordingly.

You can add to the 360 projections experience other technologies like interactive kiosks to increase even more the "wow" effect.

How to launch your next brand experience ?

How to amplify the experience ?

the magic of VR/AR/
Mixed reality experience

Virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality represent the new trend and offer a rich and enhanced experience.

It is a new perception of your brand: an experience content on a deeper level.

Stronger emotions, customers’ connection improvement and brand awareness enforcement are guaranteed!

This technology allows you to increase your sales objectives and get detailed analytics that will make you understand more your customers and communicate better on a one to one level.

The memorable experience
of a holographic content

Using holograms to present your brand is an innovative way that commands attention, lasting impressions and lingering memories. Use this unique opportunity to turn your customers into loyal ones. One Million Claps can offer tailor made hologram shapes that fit your next event.

The majestic experience
of 3d and 4D

3D mapping is no longer used exclusively for artistic animations.
Today’s technology offers you the opportunity to advertise your brand on the facade of a museum or a 50 floor building. Entertaining optical illusions will make your customers live a moment they will never forget.

the meaningful experience of the interactive kiosks

Interactive kiosks are the future of retail media and digital signage. They are a great support to your campaigns and enable engaging content and interactivity. We offer customized kiosk interfaces and deliver a full management solution including software and hardware monitoring, personalized content (games, applications, etc.) and rich statistic collection.